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Providence Coaching lives to serve. Our team wants to see you flourish in your business endeavors, your life, and your faith.


Lee began his professional career in the corporate world of the investment banking industry (Nuveen Inc.), then moved to a robust family-owned company of over 1,200 employees and multiple locations where he spent 20 years. During his time at this privately-owned company, Lee was a significant part of the executive team that oversaw exponential top line growth – from $20MM in 1986 to over $250MM in 2005! 

Lee then transitioned to a startup (Wireless Extenders Inc.) as one of the founding executives.  Responsibilities during his 8 years included all aspects of sales and marketing as well as significant involvement in strategic initiatives and product development. Lee’s role helped to impact the company’s growth from negative cash flow to annual revenue of $15MM. 

After the successful sale of Wireless Extenders in 2015, Lee started his own executive coaching business, Providence Coaching, Inc. He also was a part-time staff member at Perimeter Church in Atlanta as the Director of Evangelism and Associates Program where he was responsible for the creation of the Express Your Faith kit as well as coaching and mentoring multiple pastors across America.

Lee is passionate about maximizing business potential and helping leaders live the abundant life God has planned for them. His lifework is to invest in others so that they have more of an influence for the Kingdom of God than he ever will. Therefore, it is his great joy to assist Christian CEOs and business owners become better leaders and achieve new levels of success and significance in their business, personal and spiritual life.

Lee Bates

President of Providence Coaching

Isaac began working professionally in the Leadership Development industry in 2004. He has logged over 10,000 hours facilitating hands-on learning experiences with leaders and their teams from a wide range of ages, backgrounds and demographics. Helping leaders appreciate and navigate differences within their team is a favorite aspect of his job. He hopes that by equipping them with practical and insightful tools that help them to lead themselves and engage their teams, holistic growth will occur.


Isaac worked for one of Perimeter Church's fee-based ministries, Sojourn Adventures, for 11 years. Using challenge course elements, group initiatives and team building activities, Sojourn is known for offering extraordinary environments for teams to learn and grow. 

While offering leadership both in program design and staff development, he helped Sojourn Adventures grow 20x from 2012-2022. During this time, he discovered, developed and deployed over 250 staff and served over 1500 teams ranging from local elementary schools to corporate groups to professional sports teams.

Isaac is passionate about seeing leaders come alive and thrive where they live work and play. He works hard to help people find and walk in God's providential plan for their lives and to support leaders as they grow and flourish in their gifting. It is a joy and privilege to come alongside leaders in order to maximize their impact as they grow to new levels of awareness and excellence in their life and work.

Isaac Phillips

Executive Coach & Leadership Consultant

How Executive Coaching is Different from Consulting, Mentoring, and Counseling

Deals mostly with a person's present and seeks to guide them into a more desirable future.

Co-creative, equal partnership.
Coach helps client discover their own answers.

Assumes emotions are natural and normalizes them.

The coach stands with you, and helps you identify the challenges, then works with you to turn challenges into victories and holds you accountable to reach your desired goals.


Deals mostly with problems and seeks to provide information to solve them.

Expert-person with problem relationship.
Consultant has the answers.

Does not normally address or deal with emotions (informational only).

The consultant stands back, evaluates a situation, then tells you the problem and how to fix it.


Deals mostly with succession training and seeks to help someone do what you do.

Older/wiser-younger/less experienced relationship.
Mentor has the answers.

Limited to emotional response of the mentoring parameters (succession, etc.).

The mentor allows you to observe his/her behavior and expertise, and provides guidance and wisdom so you can do what they did.


Deals mostly with a person's past and pain, and seeks healing.

Doctor-patient relationship.
Therapist has the answers.

Assumes many emotions are a symptom of something wrong.

The therapist diagnoses, then provides professional expertise and guidelines to give counselee a path to healing.


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